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Dental treatments in Milton Keynes

At MK Dental Practice we have treatments for essential dentistry such as dental check-ups, root canal treatment and gum disease. However, dentistry is no longer just about filling or taking out teeth. Nowadays many people turn to cosmetic dentistry as a way of improving their appearance. We have treatments that can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth. Read more about our standard and cosmetic treatments by clicking on the appropriate link below.


There are many types of ways we can restore cavities in your teeth.

Tooth replacement

If you have teeth missing, it can affect the way the rest of your teeth bite together. Your remaining teeth may tilt and drift into the gaps and food can get trapped in the spaces. This can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. If lots of your teeth are missing, your facial muscles can become saggy, and this can affect your speech and appearance. Replacement teeth are made to match the colour of your natural teeth as closely as possible. We offer the following options:

Tooth straightening

Straightening your teeth can improve confidence in your appearance, and help maintain good dental hygiene. We have the below options to help restore your smile.

Teeth whitening

At MK Dental Practice in Milton Keynes we offer Enlighten Teeth Whitening treatment as well as Home Whitening Kits.