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Preventative dentistry in Milton Keynes

Our preventative dental care team here at MK Dental Practice are here to make sure that your teeth remain as healthy as they possibly can be. The less work we have to do on your teeth, the better, which is why we aim to keep your teeth in prime condition all year round.

When you come in for a check-up with one of our experienced dentists, they’ll examine your mouth and look out for any warning signs of decay or gum disease. They’ll also check for more general oral health issues such as symptoms of oral cancer.

Our check-ups are friendly, fast, and efficient – we don’t want to take too much time away from you because you’re busy enough.

It’s still always worth getting a check-up no matter how hectic your life is because they do save you money and stop pain in the future. Prevention is always better, cheaper, and faster than cure.

The benefits of preventative dentistry

At your check-up at our Buckinghamshire clinic, we’ll run through with you the best way to look after and improve your oral health. We’ll show you how to stop toothache, decays, and other irritations from developing in the future.

More than anyone, your children benefit from preventative dentistry. As their adult teeth start to come through, it’s vitally important to make sure their teeth get off to a strong and healthy start. For older patients, preventative dental care means that you’re far more likely to keep your original teeth well into your later years.

Tooth removal

Our adult teeth are designed to last us a lifetime but, every now and again, there may be an important medical and dental need to remove a tooth. If you feel that might be the case with you right now, we’ll run you through all the options available to you when you come to our Milton Keynes practice.

After consulting with your dentist, they’ll let you know their opinion together with what options are available to you for removal and for how to replace the gap that’s left behind.

We understand that removing a tooth is frightening to many patients so we’ll do everything we can to make sure that the process is as stress-free and as comfortable as it possibly can be by using local anaesthetic on your procedure.

Find out more about our tooth removal service

Root canal treatment

We provide root canal treatment (sometimes called endodontics or tooth removal treatment) to patients whose teeth have succumbed to an infection. Those infections are often caused by an injury to your mouth and tooth decay. Root canal treatment is an important part of preventative dentistry because, if it’s not done, then any infection you might have could spread throughout your root canal system, ultimately leading to an abscess.

Find out more about root canal treatment.

Gum disease treatment

Gum disease treatment (sometimes called periodontal disease) is a key part of our preventative dental care service to our patients. Even though you brush your teeth every day and practice good oral hygiene, the bacteria which causes plaque is remarkably resilient and, sometimes, that bacteria can cause the gums around your teeth to become inflamed.

If you believe you’ve developed gum disease and you want one of our Milton Keynes dentists or hygienists to examine your gums and your overall general oral hygiene, find out more about gum disease treatment.

Silver and white fillings

Fillings are one of the key preventative dental care measures we take for patients suffering from tooth sensitivity, dark spots on their teeth, toothache, sharp pain, and holes in their teeth. Failure to take heed of these warning signs will lead to further tooth rot, dental decay, pain, and, in the worst cases, cavities.

MK Dental Practice offer patients the option of composite, amalgam, and glass ionomer fillings. Find out more about our silver and white fillings.

Preventative dental care from our Milton Keynes practice

The MK Dental Practice team is based in Milton Keynes near Buckinghamshire. To book your preventative dental care consultation with our team in Milton Keynes today, please call us on 01908 231888.