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Root canal treatment in Milton Keynes

Tooth nerve therapy is commonly known as root canal treatment or Endodontics.

Root canal treatment is used to treat decayed teeth and can often save teeth that have been severely weakened as a result of decay spreading to the living tissue within the tooth. It is the pulp tissue which contains the blood vessels and nerves. When decay spreads to the pulp chambers and infects the pulp tissue, the tooth effectively starts to die. If the tooth is left untreated, decay can spread and may cause abscesses and severe dental pain.

Root canal treatment is a procedure, which involves removing the decayed tissue and both cleaning and sealing the root canals. We use the latest techniques to produce the best possible outcomes. We recognise that many patients may be anxious about having treatment and we do all we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Once the decayed tissue has been removed from the tooth, the root canals are cleaned thoroughly and then filled with dental material to prevent further infection. A crown is then placed over the existing tooth structure to restore function to the mouth and create a natural looking tooth.

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